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2005 NR 58 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 7.82 out of 10   (1 Votes)

Cast: Mickey Mantle, Maury Allen, Mel Allen

Movie Description

One of the most celebrated baseball players of the past 50 years is the subject of the documentary Mantle, which chronicles the life and times of the legendary New York Yankee, Mickey Mantle.

The American Dream-like story of Mickey Mantle is well-known: Oklahoma farm boy is discovered quite accidentally, becomes almost mythical with his exploits, replaces Joe DiMaggio, goes on to lead the Yankees to championships, etc.

Where Mantle differs from other documentaries revolves around the man himself. Although supremely talented, the Mick certainly had his demons, and viewers aren't treated to a sugar-coated fluff piece. His battles with injuries, alcoholism and his anger issues are shown, making his accomplishments all the more remarkable.

Former teammates Yogi Berra, Jim Bouton, Johnny Blanchard and others weigh in with reflections and anecdotes about Mickey, while other colleagues such as Mel and Marty Allen, Marty Appel and Bob Costas provide an insider's look at the man in his later years.

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