Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows Cover

Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows

Year: Rating: Length:
1998 R 93 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 7.97 out of 10   (1 Votes)

Cast: Bret Hart, Owen Hart and Brian Pillman

Movie Description

Fans of professional wrestling won't want to miss the 1998 documentary, Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows. The film traces the origins of Bret "Hitman" Hart's decision to leave Vince McMahon's WWF for Ted Turner's WCW in the late 1990s, and the subsequent fallout from the decision.

Viewers are given glimpses of what goes on "behind the curtain" in the sport, perhaps beyond what any other sports documentary has revealed. Focusing on Hart's family, who are all totally involved in wrestling, gives this film a more "personal" aspect, and viewers can't help but take sides as the film unfolds.

The climax of the film involves the infamous "Montreal Screwjob," during which Hart is apparently robbed of his WWF title belt, evidently due to McMahon's anger at possibly losing Hart to the rival WCW.

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