Any Given Sunday Football Movie

Any Given Sunday

Year: Rating: Length:
1999 R 150 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 8.1 out of 10   (142 Votes)

Cast: Aaron Eckhart, Al Pacino, Ann-Margret, Bill Bellamy, Cameron Diaz, Charlton Heston, Dennis Quaid, Elizabeth Berkley, James Woods, Jamie Foxx, Jim Caviezel, LL Cool J, Lauren Holly, Lawrence Taylor, Matthew Modine

Movie Description

Consistent with most Al Pacino performances, what you see is only a small taste of what you're about to get. As Coach Tony D'Amato, Pacino is presented with a breathe of fresh air from a third string player (Jamie Foxx) that makes him re-evaluate his coaching methods and his perspective on life. This gritty tale is captured in a realistic, powerful way through the direction of the legendary Oliver Stone.

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