Angels in the Infield Baseball Movie

Angels in the Infield

Year: Rating: Length:
2000 PG 93 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 5.71 out of 10   (8 Votes)

Cast: Beau Starr, Brittney Irvin, Colin Fox, Dan Duran, David Alan Grier, Duane Davis, Kurt Fuller, Patrick Warburton, Peter Keleghan, Rebecca Jenkins

Movie Description

Anaheim Angelís pitcher Eddie Everett felt like his life was in the dumps - his career was in a slump; his wife left him; and he was a stranger to his daughter, Laurel. When Laurel summoned help in the form of Divine Intervention, an angel stepped in to turn everything around.

A Trailer/Scene for Angels in the Infield

(2001) Angels in the Infield - Tv Movie clips - Rachel Skarsten from Rachel Skarsten on Vimeo.

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