Bad News Bears Go To Japan, The Baseball Movie

Bad News Bears Go To Japan, The

Year: Rating: Length:
1978 PG 91 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 4.16 out of 10   (10 Votes)

Cast: George Wyner, Jackie Earle Haley, Tomisaburo Wakayama, Tony Curtis

Movie Description

Sometimes referred to as The Bad News Bears 3, the 1978 film, The Bad News Bears Go to Japan is the second sequel to the 1976 baseball comedy, The Bad News Bears.

Screen legend Tony Curtis plays a promoter-slash-hustler who concocts a scheme to chaperone the Bears to Japan to take on that country's top Little League team. Of course Marvin Lazar (Curtis' character) has ulterior motives behind his seemingly magnanimous gesture, the primary factor being making enough money to pay off his debtors.

As expected, the team encounters all type of obstacles and shenanigans before they even reach Japan, and once they arrive, even more distractions pop up, including star Kelly Leak's (Jackie Earle Haley) budding romance with a Japanese girl.

Haley makes his third appearance as the team's star, while William Devane reprises his role as Kelly's father and team manager.

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