Bad News Bears in Breaking Training, The Baseball Movie

Bad News Bears in Breaking Training, The

Year: Rating: Length:
1977 PG 105 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 4.96 out of 10   (8 Votes)

Cast: William Devane, Clifton James, Chris Barnes, Jackie Haley

Movie Description

Although several performers from the original return to their roles, the 1977 sequel, The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training has a daunting task in seeking to replicate the original's success.

Without Walter Matthau and Tatum O'Neal, Breaking Training lacks the "star quality" of the original, although the rambunctious group of Bears tries hard. William Devane has taken over the reins from Matthau's character, while Kelly Leak (Jackie Earle Haley), the original's "bad boy," is somewhat toned down. Other returnees include Quinn Smith (Timmy Lupus) and Chris Barnes (Tanner Boyle).

Given an opportunity to go up against the Little League world champion Japanese team, the Bears first have to take on the Houston Toros at the famed Houston Astrodome.

Several Houston Astros players appear in the films' climactic scene, including Cesar Cedeno, Bob Watson and J.R. Richard.

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