It Happens Every Spring Baseball Movie

It Happens Every Spring

Year: Rating: Length:
1949 NR 87 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 8 out of 10   (26 Votes)

Cast: Ray Milland, Jean Peters, Paul Douglas, Ed Begley, Ted de Corsia

Movie Description

Almost fifteen years prior to the Disney comic classic, Son of Flubber, It Happens Every Spring (1949) mixed sports and the chemistry lab with hilarious results. Ray Milland portrays the professor who accidentally stumbles across a chemical concoction that miraculously repels wood. Seeing the possibilities, he offers his services to the St. Louis baseball team as a pitcher, subsequently leading the team to the World Series.

Milland plays his role fairly straight, unlike Fred MacMurray in Son of Flubber later on. Jean Peters plays the object of Milland's romantic attention, while Paul Douglas, as Milland's catcher, doesn't waste any opportunity to play for laughs.

It Happens Every Spring is (unintentionally) a salute to a simpler, not-as-serious time in America. The humor is often corny and predictable, but still a more than enjoyable 87 minutes of entertainment.

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