Puberty Blues Surfing Movie

Puberty Blues

Year: Rating: Length:
1981 R 87 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 5.92 out of 10   (1 Votes)

Cast: Nell Schofield, Jad Capelja, Geoff Rhoe

Movie Description

An Australian "coming of age" surf film, 1981's Puberty Blues is adapted from the novel of the same title co-written by Gabrielle Carey and Kathy Lette. The film revolves around a year in the life of two girls, (Debbie and Sue) trying to find their place in a sometimes awkward teenage world.

Puberty Blues differs from the standard "surf" film in that it's presented almost exclusively from the female viewpoint. All of the expected ingredients are there, from the various teenage cliques to the hit-and-miss romances and struggles with peer pressure.

Filmed in Australia, the cast is remarkably convincing and likeable, especially the two "leading ladies," Nell Schofield and Jad Capelja.

Directed by Bruce Beresford, who later directed such notable films as Tender Mercies (Academy Award Best Director nomination), Crimes of the Heart and Driving Miss Daisy, which won an Oscar for 1990's Best Film.

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