Gleaming The Cube Skateboarding Movie

Gleaming The Cube

Year: Rating: Length:
1989 PG-13 100 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 7 out of 10   (6 Votes)

Cast: Christian Slater, Steven Bauer and Richard Herd

Movie Description

1989's Gleaming the Cube combines a suspicious death, a little romance and wraps it all up into the world of skateboarding. Christian Slater stars in the film, which has also been screened under the alternate titles of A Brother's Justice and Skate or Die.

Slater portrays Brian, a somewhat outcast teen who cares for little other than skateboarding. But when his adopted older brother allegedly commits suicide, a suspicious Brian rolls into action to investigate.

Befriended by a detective (Steven Bauer) who's also skeptical of the "official" findings, Brian doggedly digs deeper and deeper into the investigation, aided of course by a collection of skateboarders.

Also appearing are Richard Herd, Min Luong and Ed Lauter. In addition, several noted professional skateboarders appear, including Tony Hawk and Tommy Guerrero.

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