Champion Boxing Movie


Year: Rating: Length:
1949 PG 99 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 7.8 out of 10   (1 Votes)

Cast: Kirk Douglas, Arthur Kennedy and Marilyn Maxwell

Movie Description

Based on a short story by legendary sportswriter Ring Lardner and starring Hollywood icon Kirk Douglas, the 1949 boxing film, Champion, is a celebrated classic of the "film noir" genre. Marilyn Maxwell and Arthur Kennedy also appear in this black-and-white drama.

Midge Kelly (Douglas) is an ambitious and talented but, as viewers eventually learn, ultimately flawed prizefighter who is faced with his own personal demons while struggling to reach the top of his profession. When he finally attains his goal, he discovers that all of the people he's used along the way have abandoned him due to his selfish and single-minded approach.

Consistently ranking high among Hollywood's "best" boxing films, Champion was directed by Mark Robson, whose resume includes such critically-acclaimed films as Bright Victory, Peyton Place, The Prize and Valley of the Dolls. Along with being awarded an Academy Award for Film Editing, Champion also earned Douglas an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.

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