Dempsey Boxing Movie


Year: Rating: Length:
1983 NR 100 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 6 out of 10   (2 Votes)

Cast: Treat Williams, Sam Waterston and Sally Kellerman

Movie Description

Heavyweight boxer Jack Dempsey, also known as The Manassa Mauler, is the focus of the 1983 film, Dempsey, starring Treat Williams as the iconic pugilist.

The film begins with Dempsey's adolescent years in Utah, demonstrating the youngster's drive and determination that would later become his trademark. Fast forward to 1919 and the legendary title fight with reigning champion Jess Willard. This landmark bout is still a source of controversy nearly a century later, and began Dempsey's 7-year (1919-26) reign as undisputed world champion, which ended with another controversial bout, the infamous "long count" title fight with Gene Tunney in 1926.

Dempsey's "civilian" life is also delved into, including his five marriages and unconventional lifestyle as one of America's first sports celebrities.

At 110 minutes, Dempsey seems a bit "rushed" at times, although not excessively enough to be a negative factor. Williams is convincing as the star, and the rest of the cast, including Sally Kellerman, Bonnie Bartlett and Sam Waterston are effective.

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