Surfer King Surfing Movie

Surfer King

Year: Rating: Length:
2006 PG-13 95 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 5.04 out of 10   (2 Votes)

Cast: Randy Wayne, Ben Ziff, Cerina Vincent

Movie Description

Surfing in (of all places) Colorado is the main premise behind The Surfer King, a comedy written and directed by Bernard M. Murray, Jr.

Sent to Colorado in the aftermath of his parents' divorce, Robbie Zirpollo, 17-year old California transplanted native, feels like the proverbial fish-out-of-water. Then, just when he's at his homesick-lowest, he gets a job at a local water park, where he dazzles the locals with his surfing prowess. He quickly becomes popular, especially with the daughter of the park's owner.

Apparently settled in to his new surroundings, Robbie finds himself instead caught up in the middle of the annual "Employee Olympics," urged on by new friend Alex, who wants to see the coveted "Surfer King" trophy on display in his concession stand for all to see. The afore-mentioned daughter and love interest however, may have other ideas.

Randy Wayne, Keri Lynn Pratt, Cerina Vincent, Alan Thicke, Lindsay Wagner and Gabriel Iglesias are the featured players in The Surfer King.

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