Dream Team 1935 Basketball Movie

Dream Team 1935

Year: Rating: Length:
2012 PG 120 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 8.32 out of 10   (89 Votes)

Cast: Janis Amanis, Inga Alsina, Vilis Daudzins

Movie Description

Dream Team 1935 relates the little-known true story of the origins of basketball in Europe, culminating with the very first European Basketball Championship Tournament, held in Geneva, Switzerland in 1935. Filmed in Geneva and Latvia, Dream Team 1935 is the brainchild of Aigars Grauba, who directed and co-wrote the screenplay with Andrejs Ēķis, who also served as producer.

Introduced in Europe barely a decade earlier, basketball quickly became popular and nearly every country wanted desperately to win the initial championship, named EuroBasket35. Set against the backdrop of the continuing recovery from World War I and the impending World War II, the tiny, largely overlooked nation of Latvia has somehow assembled a formidable squad due to the efforts of their coach, Valdemars Baumanis. Despite skepticism from his own nation's bureaucracy and ridicule from the European sports governing authorities, Baumanis plows on stubbornly.

Reminiscent of several sports underdog films (Hoosiers, Glory Road, etc.), Dream Team 1935 succeeds on nearly every level, not the least being a remarkable cinematic achievement by the nascent Latvian film industry.

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