White Air Snowboarding Movie

White Air

Year: Rating: Length:
2007 PG 81 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 3.92 out of 10   (1 Votes)

Cast: Riley Smith, Dominique Swain, Paul Logan

Movie Description

White Air is an inspirational sports drama which draws from countless similarly-themed films such as Rudy, Rocky and others featuring an athlete struggling to persevere over overwhelming obstacles. Alex Crow (Riley Smith), once the darling of the X-treme snowboard world, suddenly discovers adversity, both on the slopes and in his personal life. His primary rival begins dominating him in competition, and he and his girlfriend reach an impasse over their future. To further complicate matters, Riley's family undergoes financial woes.

Unable to deal with failure, Riley puts away his snowboard and goes to work at a local garage to help his family. His best friend and trainer, Peter (Paul Logan), refuses to allow Riley to throw away a promising future on the snowboard, and provides both the drive and motivation to snap out of his depression and get back on the slopes.

White Air is splendidly cast, especially Smith and Dominique Swain as his girlfriend. Fine performances are also turned in by Tom Sizemore, Elizabeth Daily and Brent Le Macks. U. Wolfgang Wagenknecht directed.

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