3 Weeks To Daytona Auto-Racing Movie

3 Weeks To Daytona

Year: Rating: Length:
2011 NR 82 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 7.2 out of 10   (2 Votes)

Cast: Scott Cohen, Jorja Fox, David Angelo and Rip Torn

Movie Description

Chuck Weber (Scott Cohen) is a driver. It's his past, his present and his future; there's just one dream he's held his entire life: not to just drive, but to race amongst the best. Stuck in life as an airport limo driver, though, his dream of driving in "The Great American Race," the Daytona 500, seems to be fading fast. Moonlighting as a racer on the lower stock-car circuits, Weber and his girlfriend/crew-chief Cheryl (Jorja Fox) are a long-shot to earn a shot at the senior circuit. It's these levels of racing where dreams come to die, but can Weber impress racing vet Sal (Rip Torn) enough to boost his chances of seeing his lifelong dream come true?

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