Angels In The Endzone Football Movie

Angels In The Endzone

Year: Rating: Length:
1997 G 88 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 6.5 out of 10   (13 Votes)

Cast: Allan Zinyk, Christopher Lloyd, David Gallagher, David Paul Grove, Jack Coleman, James Hibbard, Kate Twa, Ken Kirzinger, Lynda Boyd, Matthew Lawrence, Paul Dooley, Ron Robinson

Movie Description

Any movie with Christopher Lloyd is almost guaranteed to be a good one, and Angels in the End Zone is no exception. When a young, aspiring football player receives Divine Intervention through the help of some sports loving angels, great things are bound to happen. Strong performances by Matthew Lawrence and David Gallagher help make this movie a wonderful experience for families and movie lovers with open minds and open hearts.

A Trailer/Scene for Angels In The Endzone

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