Nic and Tristan Go Mega Dega Skateboarding Movie

Nic and Tristan Go Mega Dega

Year: Rating: Length:
2010 G 76 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 4.44 out of 10   (1 Votes)

Cast: Nic Puehse, Tristan Puehse, Lindsey Shaw

Movie Description

Twins Nic and Tristan Puehse are typical 12-year old California kids with one big exception: They eat, sleep, breathe and think of little besides skateboarding. Their quests are the subject of Nic & Tristan Go Mega Dega, a kid's comedy directed by Cosmo Segurson.

When the twins learn of an upcoming skateboarding event, the Mega Dega Skate Competition, everything else falls by the wayside as they begin preparing for the showcase. All goes well until their "un-cool" and beyond strict babysitter gets wind of their plans. Besides being forced to come up with plans to evade their keeper, they also have to deal with a pack of punk-rockers who want nothing more than to sabotage their plans. Just when they appear to have overcome these roadblocks, they find themselves having to elude and outwit a mall security guard who despises skateboarders.

Long on action and laughs and very short on storyline and characterization, Nic & Tristan Go Mega Dega nonetheless is certain to be a big hit with the targeted audience, 8-to-12 year olds.

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