Intramural Football Movie


Year: Rating: Length:
2014 R 98 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 5.8 out of 10   (9 Votes)

Cast: Jake Lacy, Nikki Reed, Kate McKinnon

Movie Description

Frequently laugh-out-loud hilarious, mixed with some over-the-top "Animal House" shenanigans, the sports comedy Intramural uses the familiar storyline of the underdog going against insurmountable odds. Directed by Andrew Disney and starring Jake Lacy, Nikki Reed and three SNL regulars (Beck Bennett, Kate MacKinnon, Jay Pharoah) in supporting roles, Intramural places a hapless college flag football team against a similar (but undeniably superior) rival for bragging rights. Much of the dialogue appears to be ad-libbed, which usually spells disaster, but given the improvisational backgrounds of many of those involved, it somehow works.

Part parody, part tribute, Intramural offers some predictability, but all in all provides viewers with an entertaining experience, which is obviously what the producers intended.

A Trailer/Scene for Intramural

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