A Mile In His Shoes Baseball Movie

A Mile In His Shoes

Year: Rating: Length:
2011 PG 89 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 6 out of 10   (1 Votes)

Cast: Luke Schroder, Dean Cain, George Canyon

Movie Description

Based on a true story, A Mile In His Shoes is a sports drama that combines learning to accept differences in others with baseball. The film is directed by William Dear and stars Dean Cain, Luke Schroeder and George Canyon.

Murph Murphy is a beleaguered minor-league manager who is in desperate need of talent for his team. On a scouting trip, he stumbles across Mickey Tussler who displays remarkably strong pitching skills. Murphy attempts to convince Mickey's over-protective father to allow the youngster to try out for the team, and it's not until then that he learns Mickey is afflicted with Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism. Murphy finally convinces Mickey's father to agree to a tryout, which is a resounding success.

Despite his handicap, Mickey immediately becomes both a favorite of his teammates and fans, with the exception being the star pitcher, who doesn't care for the attention being showered on the youngster. Eventually the two become friends, with the underlying lesson being that despite differences, working together towards a common goal can usually overcome all obstacles.

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