Becoming Redwood Golf Movie

Becoming Redwood

Year: Rating: Length:
2012 R 98 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 7.44 out of 10   (2 Votes)

Cast: Ryan Grantham, Jennifer Copping, Chad Willett

Movie Description

Becoming Redwood is a family sports drama that portrays the quest of an 11-year old boy who believes if he can defeat one of history's greatest golfers (Jack Nicklaus), his estranged family will reunite. Written and directed by Jesse James Miller, the film stars Ryan Grantham, Jennifer Copping, Derek Hamilton, Scott Hylands and Viv Leacock.

At age two, young Redwood Forrest Hanson's life was impacted when his mother abandons the family. When it occurred, Redwood happened to hear a radio report announcing Nicklaus' victory in the Master's golf tournament, and the memory stuck with him as being a happier time. Nearly a decade later, Redwood, after yet another upheaval in his life, receives a helpful golfing tip from a step-grandfather that convinces him to follow through on his dream and serves as the catalyst for a happily-ever-after family reunion.

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