Goal III: Taking on the World Soccer Movie

Goal III: Taking on the World

Year: Rating: Length:
2009 PG-13 92 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 4.44 out of 10   (5 Votes)

Cast: JJ Feild, Leo Gregory, Kuno Becker

Movie Description

World Cup soccer, tragedy, romance and friendship are accompanying storylines in Goal III: Taking On the World, the third segment of the Goal! trilogy. Mike Jeffries wrote and produced the film, while Andrew Morahan directed.

Three best friends who also happen to be international professional footballers meet up prior to joining their respective clubs for the FIFA World Cup finals, but what was intended as a friendly get-together turns tragic due to an automobile crash. The accident sidelines one of the trio, while the other two also encounter life-changing circumstances. Several superstar footballers appear in cameos (Ronaldo, Beckham, Rooney, Henry), and the film's action sequences are convincingly realistic.

Goal III stars Kuno Becker, Leo Gregory, JJ Feild and Nick Moran.

A Trailer/Scene for Goal III: Taking on the World

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