Den ofrivillige golfaren (The Accidental Golfer) Golf Movie

Den ofrivillige golfaren (The Accidental Golfer)

Year: Rating: Length:
1991 NR 107 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 5.8 out of 10   (1 Votes)

Cast: Lasse ?berg, Jon Skolmen, Mats Bergman

Movie Description

At times uproariously hilarious, the Swedish film The Accidental Golfer pokes fun at society's snobbish attitudes towards the different-minded in this underrated comedy-satire.

Unjustly fired, a socially-inept but gentle soul is challenged by his obnoxious "superior" to master the game of golf in one week. Fortunately he finds an ally who convinces him to make the trek to Scotland, the birthplace of golf, to learn the game. Showing more aptitude than expected, he quickly grasps the basics, but also manages to fall in love with a golf pro's daughter, inviting the wrath of the Scottish linksman. Still, he perseveres, but only after crossing paths with an assortment of inept and unsympathetic fellow golfers.

The Accidental Golfer is directed by Lasse Aberg (who also stars), with Jon Skolman, Ulf Eklund, Annalisa Ericson, Jimmy Logan and Ingvar Kjellson rounding out the cast.

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