Hammer, The Wrestling Movie

Hammer, The

Year: Rating: Length:
2010 PG-13 108 mins.

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Cast: Russell Harvard, Raymond J. Barry, Shoshannah Stern

Movie Description

The first-ever deaf wrestler to be crowned a college champion is the subject of The Hammer, a sports drama directed by Oren Kaplan.

Matt Hamill's inspiring journey from awkward teenager to adored champion is brilliantly portrayed, with the message of "perseverance conquers all" prominently emanating throughout the production. Bullied at school, ostracized socially and wracked with almost zero self-esteem, Matt finds an outlet for his frustration in the wrestling ring. His transformation from a virtual non-entity to a celebrated hero is thoroughly entertaining, and despite an overwhelmingly hearing-impaired cast, the message still comes through.

The Hammer stars Russell Harvard, Shoshanna Stern and Raymond J. Barry.

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