American Wrestler: The Wizard Wrestling Movie

American Wrestler: The Wizard

Year: Rating: Length:
2016 PG-13 117 mins.

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Cast: George Kosturos, William Fitchner, Jon Voight, Lia Marie Johnson, Gabriel Basso, Kevin G. Schmidt, Ali Afshar

Movie Description

As the new kid in a small California town, life is difficult for 17-year-old Ali Jahani. In 1980 his home of Iran is in unrest, but even a world away life isn't easy thanks to his school and surly uncle. When nothing seems to be going right Ali's determination to find his way manifests in him joining the struggling school wrestling team. In this inspiring story based on true events, Ali must learn to rise to the moment, become the hero of the town and change the perception of everyone around him.

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