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Friday Night Lights

Year Running Episodes Seasons
2006 - 2011 76 5

S.I.M Rating: 8.7 out of 10   (1 Votes)

Stars: Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton, Aimee Teegarden

Movie Description

The NBC (later aired on DirecTV's 101 Network) drama Friday Night Lights revolves around the small Texas town of Dillon and its all-consuming passion for high-school football. Friday night football serves as the centerpiece for the series, but other social issues such as drugs, public-school funding, abortion, family values, racism and economic malaise are addressed in this unorthodox television production.

Dillon head coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) and his family are the centerpieces of Friday Night Lights, portraying how lower and middle-class American families are affected by their communities' obsession with amateur athletics and all the trappings surrounding them. Strong characterizations are a feature of the primary cast, while an insistence (from the producers) on making the production as realistic as possible earned critical praise.

The original run for this series was October 3, 2006 February 9, 2011. A typical show lasts 43 minutes. It was broadcasted on NBC, The 101 Network.

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