Year: Rating: Length:
2012 PG 89 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 7.31 out of 10   (7 Votes)

Cast: Lindsey Shaw, Chandler Massey, Keith Coulouris

Movie Description

Ally is a 16-year old tennis prodigy, whose life is fully encompassed by the game. Her relentless and overbearing father, trying to relive his own "glory days" through his progeny, never allows Ally to experience the joys of being a teenager. This is the storyline of 16-Love, a sports romance-comedy film, written by Leigh Dunlap and directed by Adam Lipsius.

A twisted ankle forces Ally to the sidelines for rehab, and also serves as her introduction to a world outside of the court. When Farrell, a male tennis prodigy, appears on the scene, Ally’s life is turned upside down, and despite her father’s protests, she falls for Farrell, and learns some life lessons that doesn’t involve backhands or footwork.

16-Love’s cast, largely unknown, includes Lindsay Shaw and Chandler Massey as the love-struck teens, with Keith Coulouris, Susie Abromeit, Josh Blaylock and Alexandra Paul in supporting roles.

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