Baseball Movies : List of Movies About Baseball

From Roy Hobbs and Vince "Wild Thing" Vaughn, to cornfields in Iowa, these hardball classics have kept us entertained FOREVERRR.

TitleYearRatingLengthMillion Dollar Arm2014PG124 mins.422013PG-13128 mins.Home Run2013PG-13113 mins.Trouble with the Curve2012PG-13111 mins.One Hit From Home2012NR99 mins.Homerun Showdown2012NR94 mins.Moneyball2011PG-13133 mins.Glove2011NR144 mins.A Mile in His Shoes2011PG89 mins.Calvin Marshall2009R93 mins.Yankles, The2009PG-13115 mins.Perfect Game, The2008G88 mins.Touching Home2008PG-13108 mins.Diminished Capacity2008NR92 mins.Chasing 30002007NR115 mins.Final Season, The2007PG119 mins.Sandlot 3: Head for Home2007PG96 mins.American Pastime2007NR105 mins.Bronx is Burning, The2007NR360 mins.Benchwarmers, The2006PG-1380 mins.Everyone’s Hero2006G90 mins.Sandlot 22005PG97 mins.Bad News Bears, The2005PG-13113 mins.Fever Pitch2005PG-13101 mins.Freedom Park2005NR100 mins.Game 62005R87 mins.Mr. 30002004PG-13104 mins.Hustle2004NR90 mins.Winning Season, The2004PG91 mins.Mickey2004PG104 mins.Pitcher and the Pin-Up2003PG-13104 mins.Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch2002G93 mins.Bleacher Bums2002R110 mins.Rookie, The2002G127 mins.61*2001PG-13129 mins.Summer Catch2001PG-13104 mins.Hardball2001PG-13106 mins.Angels in the Infield2000PG93 mins.Finding Buck McHenry2000PG94 mins.Perfect Game2000PG97 mins.For The Love Of The Game1999PG-13137 mins.Little Inside, A1999PG95 mins.Major League III: Back to the Minors1998PG-13100 mins.Ed1996PG95 mins.Fan, The1996R116 mins.Last Home Run, The1996NR93 mins.Soul of the Game1996PG-1394 mins.Past the Bleachers1995NR97 mins.Angels in the Outfield1994PG105 mins.Cobb1994R128 mins.Little Big League1994PG120 mins.Scout, The1994PG-13101 mins.Major League II1994PG105 mins.Sandlot, The1993PG101 mins.Rookie of the Year1993PG104 mins.Man from Left Field, The1993PG-1397 mins.Babe, The1992PG115 mins.Commrades of Summer, The1992R90 mins.League Of Their Own, A1992PG128 mins.Mr. Baseball1992PG-13108 mins.Talent for the Game1991PG91 mins.Pastime1991PG95 mins.Field of Dreams1989PG106 mins.Major League1989R107 mins.Bull Durham1988R108 mins.Eight Men Out1988PG120 mins.Stealing Home1988PG-1398 mins.Long Gone1987NR110 mins.Winner Never Quits, A1986PG105 mins.Slugger’s Wife, The1985PG-13104 mins.Natural, The1984PG138 mins.Tiger Town1983G93 mins.Blue Skies Again1983PG96 mins.Kid From Left Field, The1979NR99 mins.Bad News Bears Go To Japan, The1978PG91 mins.Bad News Bears in Breaking Training, The1977PG105 mins.Bad News Bears, The1976PG102 mins.Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings, The1976PG111 mins.Bang The Drum Slowly1973PG96 mins.Safe at Home!1962NR84 mins.Damn! Yankees1958NR111 mins.Fear Strikes Out1957NR100 mins.Kid from Left Field, The1953NR80 mins.Pride of St. Louis, The1952NR93 mins.Angels in the Outfield1951G99 mins.Jackie Robinson Story, The1950NR76 mins.It Happens Every Spring1949NR87 mins.Stratton Story, The1949NR102 mins.Babe Ruth Story, The1948NR106 mins.Pride of the Yankees1942NR127 mins.

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