Blue Skies Again

Year: Rating: Length:
1983 PG 96 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 6.54 out of 10   (4 Votes)

Cast: Harry Hamlin, Mimi Rogers

Movie Description

1983’s Blue Skies Again follows the attempts of Paula Fradkin (Robyn Barto), a softball player who takes on the challenge of breaking into the all-male world of professional baseball.

Fradkin, however, is virtually made into a secondary character when her personal manager (Mimi Rogers) and the bachelor owner (Harry Hamlin) of the big league team Frakin hopes to join, become romantically involved. This leads to the entire sexual discrimination issue being bandied about, with Hamlin (predictably) facing up to his chauvinistic beliefs.

Blue Skies Again is an easy-going, rarely surprising 96 minutes of film, with dialogue and scenarios certain to amuse any female athlete viewers who’ve experienced a similar situation.

The cast is serviceable, with perhaps Rogers the standout as the "liberated" femme determined to "level the playing field."

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