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Many sports film enthusiasts crown boxing movies to be the best sports related genre. Boxing films are the only sports related films to win an Academy Award for Best Picture, and they did it twice (Rocky, Million Dollar Baby)! These gritty films bring us death, depression, imprisonment and ultimately…victory!

 Boxing Movies by Year
  Fight Night 2008 PG
  Resurrecting the Champ 2007 PG-13
  Strength and Honor 2007 R
  Hammer, The 2007 R
  Rocky Balboa 2006 PG
  Annapolis 2006 PG-13
  Undisputed II: Last Man Standing 2006 R
  Tough Enough 2006 NR
  Cinderella Man 2005 R
  Fighting Tommy Riley 2005 R
  Against the Ropes 2004 PG-13
  Million Dollar Baby 2004 PG-13
  Black Cloud 2004 PG-13
  Joe and Max 2002 PG-13
  Undisputed 2002 R
  Ali 2001 R
  Carmen: The Champion 2001 PG-13
  Girlfight 2000 R
  Hurricane, The 1999 R
  Rocky Marciano 1999 R
  Snake Eyes 1998 R
  Kid, The 1997 PG
  Boxer, The 1997 R
  Great White Hype, The 1996 PG
  Diggstown 1992 R
  Gladiator 1992 R
  Rocky V 1990 PG
  Rocky IV 1985 PG
  Rocky III 1982 PG
  Raging Bull 1980 R
  Rocky II 1979 PG
  Champ, The 1979 PG
  Rocky 1976 PG
  Let’s Do It Again 1975 PG
  Fat City 1972 PG
  Great White Hope, The 1970 PG-13
  Requiem for a Heavyweight 1962 PG
  Kid Galahad 1962 NR
  Somebody Up There Likes Me 1956 PG
  Harder They Fall, The 1956 NR
  Set-Up, The 1949 NR
  Body and Soul 1947 NR
  Gentleman Jim 1942 NR
  City for Conquest 1940 G

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