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Cheerleading Movies

Cheerleaders generate and reveal the hidden spirit of the crowd, while cheerleading movies often capture the heart and spirit of the viewer. From tackling seemingly insurmountable odds to challenging an opposing team, cheerleading movies bring out the go-getter in almost everyone by energizing, entertaining, and uplifting a dormant spirit.

Title Year Rating Length
Fired Up! 2009 PG-13 90 mins.
Bring It On: Fight To The Finish 2009 PG-13 102 mins.
Ready? OK! 2008 NR 91 mins.
Bring It On: In It To Win It 2007 PG-13 90 mins.
Bring It On: All Or Nothing 2006 PG-13 99 mins.
Man Of The House 2005 PG-13 100 mins.
Bring It On Again 2004 PG-13 90 mins.
Sugar & Spice 2001 PG-13 81 mins.
Bring It On 2000 PG-13 98 mins.

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