Church Ball

Year: Rating: Length:
2006 PG 91 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 6.32 out of 10   (11 Votes)

Cast: Andrew Wilson, Gary Colemen, and Clint Howard Fred Willard

Movie Description

Church Ball is one of the funniest basketball movies to come around in a very long time. The 2006 movie starred veteran actor Fred Willard and another good actor in Andrew Wilson.

The movie is about a Latter Day Saints basketball team who has constantly been the worst team in their chruch league. Bishop Linderman, played by Willard, gets word that it will be the last year of the league and wants his team to go out a winner. The Bishop hires Dennis Buckstead (Wilson) to coach a team of misfits. The coach tries to stick to his church demeanor but at the same time trying to instill a fighting spirit into his team. A good movie for all ages.

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