Year: Rating: Length:
1996 PG 95 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 5.45 out of 10   (9 Votes)

Cast: Matt LeBlance, Gene Ross, Paul Hewitt, Sage Allen

Movie Description

The 1996 sports/comedy, Ed, features Matt LeBlanc as Jack Cooper, a talented but short-on-confidence baseball pitcher. Toiling for a minor-league team, with quickly-fading aspirations of someday making it to the big leagues, Cooper inexplicably loses both his curveball and his composure once too often and finds his once-promising career at a crossroads.

As a public-relations gimmick, his team employs an honest-to-goodness chimpanzee named Ed as their new third baseman, and assigns Cooper as his roommate. At first disbelieving, Cooper slowly comes to realize that Ed is not your normal, everyday chimpanzee. Through Ed, Cooper re-discovers his love for the game and turns his career around.

Besides LeBlanc, other cast members include Jayne Brook, Jack Warden and Sage Allen. Bill Couturie served as both director and executive producer.

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