Endless Summer, The

Year: Rating: Length:
1966 PG 95 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 9.25 out of 10   (1 Votes)

Cast: Robert August, Michael Hynson and Lord ‘Tally Ho’ Blears

Movie Description

A large amount of the credit for popularizing the surfing craze has to be given to the 1966 surf documentary, The Endless Summer. Produced, written and directed by Bruce Brown, the film tags along with world-class surfers as they take on waves all over the world, including Africa, Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand and Tahiti.

A true "independent" production, Brown utilized his life-long love of the sport to essentially invent the genre known as "surf movies." Upon completion of The Endless Summer however, he discovered that the big studios refused to touch the finished product, and ended up renting random theaters himself to screen the film. A New York City theater screened the film for over a year, routinely attracting standing-room-only audiences.

Breath-taking and a "thrill-a-minute," The Endless Summer captures the unique lifestyle and appeal of one of the most daring sports that humans have developed.

A Trailer/Scene for Endless Summer, The

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