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 Football Movies by Year
  The Blind side 2009 PG-13
  Express, The 2008 PG
  Comebacks, The 2007 R
  Leatherheads 2007 PG-13
  Game Plan, The 2007 PG
  Invincible 2006 PG
  Gridiron Gang 2006 PG-13
  Facing the Giants 2006 PG
  We Are Marshall 2006 PG
  Two For The Money 2005 R
  Code Breakers 2005 NR
  Longest Yard, The 2005 PG-13
  Friday Night Lights 2004 PG-13
  Radio 2003 PG
  Junction Boys, The 2002 NR
  Second String, The 2002 PG
  Brian’s Song 2002 NR
  Hometown Legend 2002 PG
  Full Ride 2001 PG-13
  They Call Me Sirr 2001 PG-13
  Replacements, The 2000 PG-13
  Remember the Titans 2000 PG
  Fumbleheads 1999 PG-13
  Varsity Blues 1999 R
  Any Given Sunday 1999 R
  Air Bud: Golden Receiver 1998 G
  Possums 1998 PG
  Waterboy 1998 PG-13
  Garbage Picking Field Goal KickingÂ… 1998 PG
  Angels In The Endzone 1997 G
  Weapons of Mass Distraction 1997 R
  Jerry Maguire 1996 R
  Reggie’s Prayer 1996 NR
  Halfback of Notre Dame 1996 G
  Windrunner 1995 PG
  Little Giants 1995 PG
  Program, The 1993 R
  Rudy 1993 PG
  Necessary Roughness 1991 PG-13
  Last Boy Scout, The 1991 R
  Everybody’s All-American 1988 R
  Best of Times, The 1986 PG-13
  Wildcats 1986 R
  Lucas 1986 PG-13
  All The Right Moves 1983 R
  Quarterback Princess 1983 NR
  Fighting Back 1980 NR
  North Dallas Forty 1979 R
  Heaven Can Wait 1978 PG
  Semi-Tough 1977 R
  Longest Yard, The 1974 R
  Brian’s Song 1971 G
  Paper Lion 1968 NR
  Jim Thorpe: All-American 1951 NR
  Knute Rockne All American 1940 NR
  Horse Feathers 1932 NR

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