Gentleman’s Game, A

Year: Rating: Length:
2001 R 112 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 6.16 out of 10   (3 Votes)

Cast: Mason Gamble, Gary Sinise, Philip Baker Hall

Movie Description

A young boy’s summer job as a caddy at an exclusive country club teaches him a valuable lesson in the differences between the "haves" and "have-nots" in the 2001 sports drama, A Gentleman’s Game.

Mason Gamble stars as Timmy, the 13-year old who shows promise as a golfer. With the help of his father, Timmy begins learning the ropes while caddying for both the town’s "elite" as well as the blue-collar duffers. Taken under the wing of a former golf professional (Gary Sinise), Timmy undergoes a crash course not only in golf, but in life itself.

Well directed by J. Mills Goodloe (in his directorial debut), who also co-wrote the screenplay, adapted from the same-titled novel by Tom Coyne. Besides Gamble and Sinise, the cast includes Dylan Baker, Philip Baker Hall, Kevin Thorns and Brian Doyle-Murray.

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