Miracle on the 17th Green

Year: Rating: Length:
1999 NR 100 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 6.09 out of 10   (9 Votes)

Cast: Robert Urich, Meridith Baxter

Movie Description

Adapted from James Patterson’s same-titled novel, the 2005 Made-for-TV movie, Miracle On the 17th Green stars Robert Urich as a middle-aged advertising executive who abruptly and unexpectedly quits his job to follow his lifelong dream of being a professional golfer.

Quite naturally, his decision creates a ruckus on the homefront, with his wife (Meredith Baxter) at first disbelieving, then, finding her own resolve, setting out to prove that she’s perfectly capable of raising her family on her own, with surprising consequences both to herself and her husband.

What starts out as a classic domestic dispute, with high potential "disaster" factor, instead turns positive, as the couple comes to learn that perhaps striving to attain your dreams doesn’t mean everything else has to fall apart in the process.

Well-acted and fairly true to Patterson’s novel, Miracle On the 17th Green is a level above the typical Made-for-TV production.

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