Perfect Body

Year: Rating: Length:
1997 NR 100 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 7.31 out of 10   (104 Votes)

Cast: Amy Jo Johnson, Brett Cullen

Movie Description

The horrific and often tragic lengths to which aspiring female gymnasts will go to keep their bodies "competition-ready" is the center of the 1997 drama, Perfect Body.

Amy Jo Johnson stars as Andie Bradley, a talented gymnast whose dream is to represent the United States in the Olympic Games. Feeling pressured by her demanding coach to lose weight, she embarks on a series of crash diets. Initially, this works, but soon Andie discovers she is incapable of controlling her behavior, becoming obsessed with her food intake, and develops anorexia.

Perfect Body pulls no punches in its’ portrayal of the dangers that quite often accompany athletes determined to attain their goals and dreams.

Johnson is superb as the determined Andie, displaying just the right amount of naivete and single-mindedness required.

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