Sandlot 2

Year: Rating: Length:
2005 PG 97 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 5.36 out of 10   (17 Votes)

Cast: Brett Kelly, James Earl Jones, Karen Allen

Movie Description

Using the familiar premise of summertime backyard fun and adventure, Sandlot 2, the sequel to The Sandlot, delivers an entertaining, nostalgic trip back to the early ’70s. David M. Evans co-wrote, narrated and directed both installments.

A completely new group of kids have taken over the sandlot, with a few younger siblings of the previous gang passing along the legacy to newer members. Of course, the legend of the "Great Fear" is prominently retold as in the original, and the alleged mutated beastly dog that occupies the area behind the outfield wall becomes even more legendary as time has passed.

Screen icon James Earl Jones is splendid as the property owner where the "Great Fear" resides, and his interaction with the largely unknown younger cast is one of the film’s high points. An added unique feature is the inclusion of a young deaf boy, Sammy, who does the sandlots’ games play-by-play in sign language, making Sandlot 2 not only enjoyable, but also educational.

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