Season On The Brink, A

Year: Rating: Length:
2002 R 87 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 6.54 out of 10   (4 Votes)

Cast: Brian Dennehy, Al Thompson and Benz Antoine

Movie Description

The ultra-successful basketball program under coach Bob Knight at the University of Indiana is the focus of the 2002 film, A Season On the Brink.

Adapted from John Feinstein’s best seller, the film chronicles the 1985-86 Hoosier squad. Brian Dennehy portrays Knight, not a role easily filled. Knight’s intensity and often profane behavior aren’t sugar-coated, and Dennehy performs admirably, avoiding the temptation to go "over-the-top."

The basketball scenes are well-written and filmed, and the cast is convincing, especially Al Thompson as Delray Brooks, a highly-recruited phenom whose personality isn’t suited for serving under the demanding, bombastic Knight. The relationship that develops between the two is one of the film’s highlights.

A Season on the Brink was ESPN’s first "produced-for-television" movie and is directed by Robert Mandel, acclaimed for School Ties and The Substitute.

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