Trouble Along the Way

Year: Rating: Length:
1953 NR 110 mins.

S.I.M Rating: 6.84 out of 10   (2 Votes)

Cast: John Wayne, Donna Reed and Charles Coburn

Movie Description

Directed by Michael Curtiz, who also was behind the camera for the iconic Casablanca, as well as featuring a well-known and acclaimed cast (John Wayne, Donna Reed, Charles Coburn, Leif Ericson and an uncredited appearance by James Dean), the 1953 Warner Brothers sports/comedy, Trouble Along the Way, is pure classic 1950s entertainment.

Wayne portrays a disgraced former college football coach given a chance at redemption when he’s hired by a New York City Catholic school to turn around their woeful football program. Coburn, in the role of the school’s dean who takes a huge risk by employing Wayne, is excellent, as is Ms. Reed as a sympathetic social worker looking into dubious child neglect allegations against Wayne.

Wayne is his usual take-charge, no-nonsense self, frequently in over his head but seemingly always good fortune’s favored son when disaster appears inevitable.

Trouble Along the Way is predictable and doesn’t break any new cinematic ground, but is wholly entertaining, largely due to the likability of the stellar cast.

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