Top Ten Sports Movies

Your Guide to Sports Movies

Love sports films? We take pride in providing the most extensive lists of sports movies from all major and minor sports. We also have compiled lists of the best movies in each category.

Why Are Sports Movies So Popular?

Sports movies aren’t just sporting films and nothing more. Actually, they are stories of the human’s spirit of triumphing and winning over adversity. Sometimes they inspire with examples of exceptional individualism. From boxing dramas to basketball comedies, we can offer you a list of the ten best sports movies ever made:

  1. The Big Lebowski (1998)
  2. Rocky (1976)
  3. Hoop Dreams (1994)
  4. Million Dollar Baby (2004)
  5. Karate Kid (1984)

Most of the sports movies also include gambling theme, and those aren’t made to become famous, but telling a story. These films make you see the good and the bad of the sports betting world. Sometimes they take you to the dark side of the gambling industry. Others take you to the other hand, where the gamblers win real money. Some of the movies add a little comedy so they can lighten the mood. However, others have the primary goal of showing the underworld and how bad things can happen if you aren’t careful. The good thing is that by watching sports movies that include betting or online casino games, you can get the idea of how does the sports betting arena work. Check some of these movies, you may learn something, or at least you will enjoy some entertainment.

  1. Even Money
  2. Two for the Money
  3. Bookies
  4. Lay the Favorite
  5. Diggstown

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